Download Matt Waldman’s 2018 Rookie Scouting Portfolio: Fantasy-Tested, Football-Approved

Fantasy-tested, football-approved, Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio will help you change your game for the better. 

Downloading the Rookie Scouting Portfolio is often a life-changing experience.

Yeah, I know that sounds pretty dramatic but it’s true for fantasy players, draftniks, and even people with careers in football. It’s definitely true for the organization receiving the RSP’s annual donation and the children and communities it helps.

If you’ve considered buying the RSP because you’ve found my breakdowns on Twitter and YouTube worthwhile or you’ve listened to me on podcasts, there’s something you need to know and I’m not exaggerating:

You will be pleasantly shocked by what you get from purchasing the RSP. New users are blown away by the volume, depth, clarity, quality, and longevity of the analysis.

People who use the RSP in a variety of ways tell me this every year. The RSP is fantasy-tested and football-approved :

  • Dynasty players who initially fell in love with the RSP Post-Draft cheat sheet but realized that the Pre-Draft publication has YEARS of valuable shelf life.
  • Re-draft players who not only gain an edge with knowledge about rookies for the later rounds and the waiver wire but past issues that help them identify emerging talents.
  • DFS players use the RSP to identify undervalued talents and exploits those values until pricing catches up.
  • Top Division-I college recruiting coordinators, personnel staff, position trainers, and players have found the RSP beneficial.
  • NFL player personnel employees (including scouts) use the RSP as a cross-checking reference.

The RSP bridges fantasy football and the actual game. This was always the intent. Even so, I didn’t expect the feedback I’ve had from the football community. Among the recent stories I can share:

  • In 2016, C.J. Prosise’s brother Tyrone contacted me after they saw my RSP Boiler Room that critiqued his decision-making. Prosise shared the analysis with his college coach and the coach agreed. They asked me to recommend a position coach to help him train for the next level.
  • In 2017, a D-1 recruiter at a well-known program with several top 25 finishes shared with me that the RSP is one of the most widely used independent references among professional scouts.
  • This winter, a student player personnel assistant at a perennial top-25 program sent me this email below (here’s an except to keep his identity and affiliation confidential)
“I’ve been studying your content for a while and I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. When I was interviewing for the position at >>> they said they were impressed by how someone who had never worked in football operations or coached knew so much about the game. I can honestly say that your Boiler Room break downs are responsible for most of my football knowledge.
I’m here at the combine trying to meet NFL player personnel guys and two scouts that I talked to this week mentioned your work. One scout said “If I ever meet Matt I’ll have to give him a hug man.” I’m sure you’ve received emails like this before but I just felt like I should express my gratitude also.
You changed my life and for that I’m forever grateful. I wish you nothing but the best.”

If you’re seeking a reference that will help you learn about offensive skill position players as well as ways to evaluate the game, the Rookie Scouting Portfolio is a must-have. For $21.95, you get an embarrassment of riches:

  • The 1,734-page, Pre-Draft publication with easy-to-navigate bookmarks and filled with detailed profiles, rankings, and breakdowns with transparent and detailed grading criteria.
  • The 184-page, Post-Draft publication with one of the best fantasy rookie draft cheat sheets you will ever see:
    • RSP Rankings vs. ADP values to determine sweet spots for drafting each player.
    • Depth chart analysis
    • Updated three-year rankings of the past three rookie classes
    • Strategic overviews of dynasty classes.
  • A monthly newsletter from June through December that provides updates on rookies, emerging talents, future prospects, and rankings adjustments.

Best of all, the RSP has been donating 10 percent of its sales to Darkness to Light for several years and has helped provide training for thousands of adults around the country to prevent sexual abuse of children as well as appropriately address reports of abuse when it occurs.

Download the RSP and get the monthly newsletter.

You can also take a tour of the publications

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