Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No.165 WR Trevon Brown (ECU): The Value of Repeatable Details

Matt Waldman’s RSP examines two similar targets from 2019 NFL Draft prospect, ECU WR Trevon Brown, and notes why repeatable details are important.

Imagine you’re standing outside a home. You’re in the driveway staring past the manicured sea of green grass and admiring the interplay between the vibrant blooms of rose bushes and azaleas with the fresh paint and clean brick of the home’s exterior.

When you enter the home, the color scheme of the walls, flooring, and furniture create a relaxing environment with just the right pop of energy from key accents in every room. It’s everything you want from a house until you learn that the foundation is crumbling, the wiring has inconsistencies, and there’s a busted main line leading from the house to the city sewer.

No matter how good the house looks, the repeatable processes that you rely upon to live in the home are broken. Until you address the details, living in that house will prove unreliable.

This is true of anything you evaluate — especially football talent. The best NFL players execute with efficient and repeatable detail. It’s why a good process has greater value than a good result.

This RSP Boiler Room demonstrates how I examine a player’s game when there’s an inconsistency of detail and why the smallest details matter. Amateurs call this “nitpicking” — and on occasion, they are correct, but the exception proves the rule.

Below are the same two routes with good results but only one of them displays a repeatable process built on technically-sound detail. The one built on shakier detail is the more successful play but it has a more forgiving scenario for mediocre technique. The less successful play matches the scenarios we see more often in the NFL and Brown’s details lead to a successful outcome in a more difficult situation.

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