Matt Waldman’s RSP Twitter Vids: Texas RB Chris Warren (Raiders)

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio shares a collection of Twitter videos he created of Oakland Raiders RB Chris Warren III’s time at Texas. 

When a player has success in the NFL, he often looks a lot like he did as a collegian. It’s a sign that the game isn’t too fast for him and he’s at a comfort level where he can use the fullest range of his instrument to make music on the field.

When Chris Warren III had those moments at Texas, they were an impressive sight. You don’t see 6’2, 250-pound runners bend, dip, and cut back with his quickness unless you’re one of the few-dozen who has finally come around to appreciating LeGarrette Blount’s abilities.  Like Blount, Warren can also hurdle opponents in the open field and he has the initial burst to earn and maintain separation for longer runs than his top speed alone may indicate.

These videos of Warren at Texas should give you an idea of what Warren will look like with the Raiders if he reaches his potential as a future starter in the NFL. Many of these facets of Warren’s game are already showing up during the preseason.

However, preseason football is often played at the speed, intensity, and intelligence of college football. The gulf these rookies have not yet encountered is rapidly approaching. If Warren works at his craft so his top-level of play becomes consistent, he’ll be a massive bargain for the Raiders by 2020.

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