Matt Waldman’s RSP Twitter Vids: RB Royce Freeman (Broncos)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Twitter Vids: RB Royce Freeman (Broncos)

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio showcases a pair of Twitter videos where he analyzed Broncos running back Royce Freeman, Denver’s future starter, at Oregon and both points still apply. 

In one of the richest classes of running backs in recent memory, Royce Freeman is in a position to become one of the most productive options as a 2018 rookie. Because of the star-power of this class, Freeman is an underrated commodity.

In terms of his footwork, he is an advanced runner. He’s efficient, maintains a balanced stride, and his eyes-feet connection process obstacles and creases without much difficulty. Because he’s a bigger back who works so smoothly, his quickness appears deceptive.

Freeman is the best runner on the Broncos’ roster right now. Devontae Booker still lacks a good feel for zone-scheme running and his failure to fully capitalize on the Broncos’ change to a gap scheme in 2017 to match his strengths is why the organization returned to a zone scheme and drafted Freeman.

The only thing holding back Freeman from the job is his pass protection. Most of his issues as a blocker are a collective of minor details where his performance of them lacks consistency. As recently as last week, Freeman had both sound and improvable repetitions as a pass protector.

If he can gain consistency as a pass protector, Freeman becomes Denver’s starting running back by no later than mid-season of this year.

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