RSP Boiler Room No. 163 WR Tyre Brady (Marshall): Gameness

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines two plays from Marshall wide receiver Tyre Brady, a 2019 NFL Draft prospect, and illustrates how gameness reveals itself between the lines.

A post-practice conversation, press conference, or media feature is a poor imitation — if it’s an imitation at all — of a team interview. Analysts, media, and independent evaluators don’t interview and research draft prospects like a team.

A player tells a reporter or draft analyst that he’s competitive and it’s taken as truth. If a coach or teammate says it, the quote will probably be highlighted in the piece. However, a team wants to see demonstrations of behavior.

Scouts, coaches, and general managers have the opportunity to speak with a player’s college coaches, teammates, and trainers. They also get to spend time with the player at their facility, work the player out, and conducting multiple interviews if they wish.

Piece enough valuable information together and the team should have an idea about the player’s competitive drive. Otherwise, you’re believing what a player wants you to hear. It’s why I don’t do player interviews at all-star games anymore.

However, you can get a small glimpse of a player’s attitude on the field. The two plays below are a pair of receptions for big plays against the same cornerback. What happens in between gives us a hint about Tyre Brady’s gameness because the event I’m referring to could have easily disrupted the focus of the player.

The consistency and detail of a player’s execution of his job can tell you something about a player’s mental toughness, discipline, and competitive drive. I think these two plays do with Brady.

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