Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens: Two Impressive Plays From Lamar Jackson

Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens examines two impressive passes from Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson that demonstrate when to be poised and patient and when to be confident and aggressive. 

Mark Schofield showed a Lamar Jackson play during the Hall of Fame Game that is a common mistake for young quarterbacks. Here are two plays a week later where Jackson displays his upside as a pocket passer — both are ahead of his years.

The first is this deep route to Chris Moore. Jackson’s decision to throw this ball is the most impressive part of the play. Jackson recognizes immediately that the receiver’s early separation puts the defensive back in a position where Jackson has a win-win situation of a big play or a defensive pass interference call.  It’s a play that requires confidence and quick processing.

The next play is a terrific display of patience and poise in a pocket that’s about to be compromised by an unblocked defender. The decision occurs in the midst of a play designed to be a quick-hitting rhythm pass. Many young quarterbacks wouldn’t recognize, adjust, and complete the ball as well as Jackson. Some would have thrown the ball to the defender.

What I like about both plays is that Jackson displays decisiveness on a deep route where younger players are often too tentative and he’s patient and poised on a quick-hitting play that lacks a lot of time to execute. Both are examples of poise — and I think he is the most poised passer from the pocket in this rookie class.


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