Mark Schofield’s RSP NFL Lens: Lamar Jackson and Assumption

Mark Schofield examines Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson’s Hall of Fame Game debut for the RSP NFL Lens and discovers a faulty assumption.

Life is filled with “old saws.” Conventional pieces of wisdom that can be more general, or even industry specific. In my prior life as an attorney one of the more utilized “old saws” was that practicing law would be a great way to make a living…were it not for the clients.

Another “old saw” that is more general is one that regards making assumptions. If you assume, you make an….well, you know where this is going.

Baltimore Ravens’ rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson made his much-ballyhooed debut in the Hall of Fame Game, and while he did throw a touchdown pass on the night, there were still signs that the rookie QB has some growing to do before he becomes the quarterback that many – myself included – believe he can become. On his interception, Jackson made two tiny, but costly, mistakes. The first was one of processing. The second? Well, that brings us back to assumptions…

Jackson still showed signs of his athleticism and arm talent, despite some of his mistakes. A play like this demonstrates that even for the most dynamic of young quarterbacks, sometimes all of the little things need to be done to perfection for them to succeed in the NFL. Keep this in mind when you see college quarterbacks this fall having success while ignoring the little things. Sometimes those are the hardest to learn on the game’s biggest stages.

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