Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No. 159 RB Benny Snell, Jr: Hip Mobility And Unanswered Questions

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room showcases a play that illustrates a potential lack of hip mobility from 2019 NFL Draft prospect Benny Snell, Jr. and shares the type of questions raised when beginning the process of studying a player. 

Benny Snell, Jr. is a determined and aggressive power back with good balanced who will break through reaches, wraps, and hits above his waist or mow through defensive linemen who catch his contact rather than initiate it. This much is clear from watching him against the University of Georgia in November.

The Georgia game is my first exposure to Snell’s game. Depending on when you’re reading this, I’m either well into Snell’s portfolio (later) or still only one game in (sooner). If it’s sooner and you’re looking for quick answers to the test, I’m sure there are plenty of draft analysts who can tell you want they’ve seen after several games.

If you’re seeking knowledge about evaluating talent or you like a patient and thorough approach, stick around because this video walks you through the preliminary investigation of a talent.

The play below has three lead blockers pulling to the left side. Snell identifies the penetration of the UGA defensive tackle as he takes the exchange and attempts to change direction to avoid the contact.

The video below discusses questions this play raises about Snell’s hip mobility and footwork. It doesn’t have definitive answers because I want you to see that evaluation is often about identifying questions as much as finding answers.

When studying talent, it’s important to embrace the process of having inconclusive results. You’re not going to answer every question about a player in one viewing. Sometimes you’ll lack definitive answers about a player’s ability after several viewings.

Amateurs don’t embrace the unknown. I guarantee you that I’ll have a stack of pending comments from YouTube viewers who want to share their opinion based solely on this clip. This is partially due to societal influence that we are supposed to know the answers.

Knowledge is power, but wisdom is knowing when to delay that gratification for the best possible answer.

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