Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens: WR Demaryius Thomas Invokes Reggie White

What do Reggie White and Demaryius Thomas have in common? A good hump move. Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio NFL Lens illustrates.

Like Reggie White, Demaryius Thomas has a hump move. Ok, it’s not exactly a hump move, but the idea and execution have a ton of similarities.

So do wide receiver releases and pass rushing moves.

After listening to the latest RSP Cast with wide receiver coach Drew Lieberman of The Sideline Hustle, former RSP contributor Eric Stoner dropped me a little message about the similarities between matchups with receivers and defensive backs and offensive line and defensive line.

The philosophy, strategies, and techniques are all similar. When a defender gives you his side, you take it in the same way that a pass rusher capitalizes against an offensive lineman.

During this route below, Thomas gets to the front hip of the cornerback on a target that will be a back shoulder fade. Just like a defensive tackle who has been winning outside on a guard throughout the game and knows that guard is not conditioned to jump outside, Thomas gets the cornerback into a position where he can change up and deliver the arm to the side of the opponent and knock him sideways similar to a hump move.

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When you’re strong and fast as a receiver, you use your speed to force the opponent to give up his leverage and then you exploit that flaw with your strength and leverage. These are lessons all big receivers need to learn, and it’s why Courtland Sutton is in an enviable situation in Denver.

Soak up all that you can, Sutton.

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