RSP Boiler Room No. 157 RB Aeris Williams (Mississippi St.): Long Eye

RSP Boiler Room No. 157 RB Aeris Williams (Mississippi St.): Long Eye

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines two plays from 2019 NFL Draft prospect RB Aeris Williams’ portfolio of work — one of them stays truer to Williams’ strengths than the other.

“Your eye too long.”

It’s a Jamaican phrase for being gluttonous or greedy. It’s the same thing as “your eyes were too big for your stomach.” When it comes to running the football. Aeris Williams’ eyes are sometimes too long for his feet.

Williams is a decent-sized back who isn’t afraid to throw his body around. When he attacks downfield, he’s an effective runner. However, he’s just athletic enough to believe he can do more than he should.

He’ll try to leap over defenders in open-field situations where the angle isn’t advisable or go east-west when the obvious route is north-south.

On the second play of the episode, Williams ignores or misses the cue of the defender’s position and still tries to work across the opponent’s face. This is a man who, on the earlier play, pushed 450-500 pounds backward with straight-up leverage and power.

Many young performers don’t know themselves well enough. They try to be what they aren’t and wonder why they struggle in key moments. The best performers know who they are and work within that space. When Williams learns this, he could have a role in the NFL.

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