Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens Jacksonville Jaguars Ground Game: Numbers Advantage

Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens showcases two plays from the Jacksonville Jaguars ground game against stacked boxes that deliver a “+1” personnel advantage for the win.

It’s not how many players are in the box, but the man-on-man advantage you can get on a specific side of the field that matters most. The Jaguars created opportunities that led to plays as impactful as a successful vertical throw.

If you’re interpreting this post as a rant against the passing game, that’s your mistake. There’s room and often a need for both the run and the pass in football. And the power running game is still a viable offensive strategy.

The Ravens (2011-12), Steelers (2016), Jaguars (2017), 49ers (2011-2013), and Seahawks (2013-14) have earned a place in their respective conference championships eight times during the past seven years and all of them were run-heavy offenses with a significant power component to their scheme.

It’s curious that we’re so quick to tout the college passing schemes as the future of the NFL and declare the ground game’s extinction is imminent when there are successful teams built on power running games throughout college football.

Football is a complex game with far more variables than baseball and basketball. I’m hopeful that the there will always be a small percentage of teams that embrace the contrarian path and successfully go against the trends.

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