Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No. 153 RB Tony Brooks-James (Oregon): East-West to North-South

In this RSP Boiler Room episode, Oregon running back Tony Brooks-James executes a cutback with a strong cut that Matt Waldman seeks from NFL Draft prospects. 

Whether it’s a small back like Tony Brooks-James or a big back like LeGarrette Blount, when it comes to evaluating the caliber of a runner’s cutback ability, I want to see how well he can change direction from an east-west orientation to a north-south path.

How many steps does it take? How mobile are his hips and ankles? How well can the runner accelerate after the change of direction?

Brooks-James does all three things rather well on this run.

The more adept a runner is at executing cutbacks of this nature, the greater potential he has as a zone runner — especially an outside zone runner. There are many productive NFL running backs who need 2-3 steps to transition from east-west to north-south. Ideally, you’re seeking 1-2 steps although there are specific plays where runners can do a tremendous job setting up the cutback so more steps aren’t an issue.

As Mark Schofield highlights in this Teddy Bridgewater post, it’s often about “feel” for the situation.

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