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New to the Rookie Scouting Portfolio? Or, perhaps you’re a long-time reader but it never occurred to you that you didn’t have to wait for a Tweet or Facebook post to see the latest post from the RSP.  This is a reminder that you can scroll to the bottom of this page, enter your email, and receive notifications in your inbox about new content on the RSP site.

Considering what’s in store for the Rookie Scouting Portfolio this year, it will be worth your while. The RSP’s mission is to evaluate college talent through an NFL lens and educate its readers about that process and the players.

The content we’re writing underscores that link between the demands of the NFL game and the aspirations of college talent. We want you to learn how to use the NFL game as a template to evaluate college prospects.

Mark Schofield, David Igno, and Scott Bischoff are additions to the editorial team and will contribute NFL and college football content year-round, including a healthy amount of coverage devoted to positions that don’t typically handle the football.

You expect these features year-round at the RSP site:

  • The NFL Lens: Quick-hitting but in-depth analysis from Mark, Scott, and Matt showcasing players and schemes and how they matter with evaluating a position or unit at the college level.
  • RSP NFL Draft Analysis: College prospect analysis from David, Mark, and Scott.
  • RSP Boiler Room: Matt’s Short-form video NFL Draft analysis highlighting a specific technique, concept, asset, or deficiency of NFL Draft prospects.
  • RSP Film Room: Long-form NFL video shows hosted by Matt Waldman featuring guest analysts who break down NFL prospects.
  • RSP Film Room Bonus: Mark and I will be doing a show together once a month.
  • Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast: The site’s weekly podcast with a great roster of rotating guests who discuss the game and sometimes tangential subjects that ultimately enrich your understanding of football.
  • RSP Tweet of the Week: Matt Waldman highlights quality film breakdowns from analysts, coaches, and trainers in the football industry.

And of course, there are the Rookie Scouting Portfolio Pre-Draft and Post-Draft publications. I’m considering scenarios where subscribers to the RSP site earn some exclusive benefits (giveaways, contests, and potentially content reserved only for subscribers to the site.

So how do you subscribe? It’s easy, scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address under the heading “Subscribe to the RSP via Email.” 

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