Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 16 Bob Henry (Footballguys): Crafting Winning Fantasy Projections

One of the most accurate analysts since fantasy football found the Internet, Footballguys Bob Henry joins Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast to discuss the process and craft of fantasy projections. 

We’ve been in a golden age of fantasy football analysis and the proliferation of technology has led to a ton of new names worthy of praise in the industry. One of the original gangsters worth knowing is Bob Henry.

He doesn’t cultivate an audience like he used to because he no longer writes a weekly feature. This is why many of you in fantasy sports’ social media age haven’t heard of him. However, Bob is one of the best at ranking and projecting fantasy football talent.

Before stopped participating in Fantasy Pros accuracy analysis, there where often 2-4 of its writers perennially earning top-10 ratings for accuracy. For that five year period before this change (2010-2014), Bob was the top-ranked analysts in rankings accuracy among 200-plus in the industry.  He’s also a three-time Fantasy Index Experts Poll winner that is heavily geared towards the value of preseason projections.

Bob’s data analysis and projections aren’t as recognized as the work of popular writers who publish their weekly analysis, opinion columns, and podcasts, but his work is a significant engine that drives the most popular and valuable content at Footballguys, including the Top 250 Foward, MyFBGs, Rate My Team, and the Draft Dominator.

Bob dropped by the RSP Cast to share 20 minutes of insights about projecting performance:

  • The basics behind good projections.
  • Common rabbit holes to avoid.
  • Lessons learned.
  • NFL trends.

In the second part of our conversation, Bob and I spend another 40 minutes discussing specific players for the 2018 season.

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