The Rookie Scouting Portfolio’s Junk In the Film Trunk

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio shares odd football highlights from around the web, including Vita Vea, Jadaveon Clowney, and Ray Lewis toting the rock.  

If I ever dream of a demon, I’m almost certain that he will resemble a heavily sunburned Kirk Herbstreit thanks to Betz. When it comes to studying the game and his sense of humor, Betz is a maniacal dude on Twitter. He’s rarely dull, which means he’s not safe following for about 54 percent of you.

I’m sure Betz isn’t on Twitter for the following, although he has posted a viral Tweet or two.

Last night, he posted this video of Vita Vea, the Buccaneers’ 12th overall pick at defensive tackle in the 2018 NFL Draft, playing running back in high school.

I wondered if I could dig up high school tape of other NFL players playing different positions. I found a few, including this response to Betz about Vikings outside linebacker Anthony Barr at running back.

Betz’s Clowney reference led me to dig up this highlight mix, featuring several plays of him as a runner intermixed with his pass-rushing prowess.

Here is another one of Clowney courtesy of CBS’ Chip Towers

Here’s Ray Lewis toting the rock as a return specialist and running back…

From the perspective of scouting talent, watching players move with efficiency at different positions gives you a good idea about their skill at processing the game on the field. How do they perceive and react to the moves of their opponents? Are they fluid?

If I can find enough of these oddball highlights to make Junk In the Football Trunk a regular thing, I’ll do it. Send me links to any YouTube highlights you dig up of NFL players at different positions than their paid role.

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