Matt Waldman’s RSP at the Fantasy Football Players Summit

Matt Waldman’s RSP at the Fantasy Football Players Summit

Matt Waldman’s RSP will be joining a variety of industry professionals at the Fantasy Football Summit — and online event from July 28 – August 1.

The Fantasy Football Summit is an online event featuring presentations and Q&A sessions on a number of topics devoted to helping you become a more effective fantasy general manager. Here’s a partial roster of the guest speakers and topics:

  • Fantasy football stats by Mike Clay, ESPN.
  • Flexible draft strategies by Jeff Ratcliffe of Pro Football Focus.
  • Identifying sleepers and breakouts by Jake Ciely and Joe Pisapia.
  • Blocking, running, and passing affects by KC Joyner of ESPN.
  • How to get the best use from Injury reports and news by Bob Harris, Football Diehards.
  • Trade strategies by Mike Dempsey of Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio.
  • Dynasty strategies by Curtis Patrick and Alex McCarthy of Football Diehards.
  • In-season management by Evan Tarracciano of Football Diehards.
  • Pragmatic decision-making: Adding context to fantasy football research by Brandon Marianne Lee of Fantasy Alarm, CBS Sports, and co-founder of Her FantasyFootball.
  • IDP strategies by Gary Davenport.

I’ll be giving tips on developing an astute eye for the on-field component of the game on Sunday, July 28 from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm.  For a full list of topics and to get your pass, check out the link.


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