RSP Giveaway: Name the player

The first three readers to name the player pictured in this post will earn the 2018 Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication and a subscription to the monthly RSP newsletter. 

The average football player has a career of 2-3 years. This player had a career 6-8 times longer than the range above.

Be one of the first three to correctly name this player (Hint: You must be precise enough so there’s no confusion), supply his career touchdown total, and subscribe to the RSP site, and you win.

What do you win? The 2018 RSP pre-draft, post-draft, and monthly newsletter subscription.

I’ll announce the winners no later than Monday Morning.

Note: If you already have the 2018 RSP, you may receive a previous year’s publication or gift the 2018 subscription to someone you know would like it. However, I won’t be offering 2019 options.

Entries closed and winners announced: Darren Denker, Casey Federico, and Gordon Berlinghoff.

The correct answer was Clay Matthews (William Clay Matthews, Jr.), who played 19 years in the NFL as a linebacker for the Cleveland Browns and Atlanta Falcons. His father had a long career with the San Francisco 49ers and his brother Bruce was a Hall of Fame ironman for the Oilers and Titans franchises.

Their sons Clay Matthews III and Casey have also played in the NFL. Most of you know about Clay…



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