Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep. 14 Matt Bitonti, Footballguys: Offensive Line Review And Preview

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast has Matt Bitonti (@DraftDaddy) on the show for an in-depth discussion about NFL offensive lines heading into the 2018 season. 

Whether you’re a student of the game or a fantasy player — especially a fantasy player — you cannot ignore offensive line play if you’re seeking knowledge that will help you understand the game. I’ll be having several knowledgeable offensive line analysts on the show in the future, but I invited Matt Bitonti at this early stage of the podcast because there’s a lot that I like about his grading process for these units.

First, Bitonti factors cohesion into the process where many analysts only grade players separately.  Second, Bitonti grades the units weekly with the expectation of growth.

For example, he’s not trying to project in his July rankings where the Colts will be by season’s end if Quentin Nelson plays to expectation. Instead, his rankings reflect what he’s seeing as a present snapshot of the unit. He may explain his future expectation but he’s not ranking predictively. Bitonti saves that analysis for Footballguys subscribers in a weekly article with Justis Mosqueda about trench matchups between offensive and defensive lines.

This week’s podcast features a productive and insightful discussion with Matt about offensive lines as a unit and previews where these various NFL units stand at this point of the year:

  • What makes a good offensive line?
  • How does Matt evaluate offensive line play as a unit?
  • Who were some of the best lines last year according to his system?
  • Who were among the worst?
  • Which lines does Matt expect improvement?
  • Which lines does Matt expect a decline in performance?
  • Detailed thoughts on nearly half of the units in the league from top to bottom.
  • Why the right tackle is often a good indicator of ground game performance.

You can find Bitonti’s analysis at Footballguys.


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