Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No. 147 WR Diontae Johnson (Toledo) Applying Technique to Unpracticed Scenarios

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines a simple technique that 2019 NFL Draft prospect Diontae Johnson applies to an unpracticed scenario, and he turns a failing process into a good outcome.

Amateurs are more likely to get flustered on stage when they attempt to perform a complex process and something goes wrong. A minor slip-up more likely becomes a complete break-down. Professionals mitigate the potential effects of small mistakes and overcome the issue.

Toledo wide receiver Diontae Johnson does this below on a curl route where he slips during his break. A less skilled receiver panics, reacting erratically to regain balance (if he does so at all) and likely losing track of the target, drops the ball.

Johnson incorporates a balance-touch technique to mitigate the slip and keep his eyes on the target. Because Johnson alleviates a minor error with a sound technique, he can build on that move with another strong technique. And because Johnson overcomes a problem good techniques, it lessens the impact of the problem when the ball arrives.

Whether it’s the NFL or college football, you should begin to notice that the best players overcome minor mistakes or small, unexpected obstacles to their process. Those that do often apply a technically sound movement — sometimes one that’s not typical to the original process — to bridge that problem and build off it with more sound technique. Those that don’t, turn a small issue into a larger one.

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