Check It Out: Saturday2Sunday’s Skill Acquisition Series

Matt Waldman’s RSP recommends the Skill Acquisition Series produced by Matt Caraccio and Paul Perichizzi of the Saturday2Sunday Podcast.

Matt and Paul do a great job with their Saturday2Sunday podcast. This month, they’ve produced a series that anyone who wants a deep dive into football should check out. Here’s a list of the episodes they’ve done:

  • Part I – In the first part of our Skill Acquisition Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Shawn Myszka (@MovementMiyagi) of Movement Mastery. Shawn is a performance advisor for NFL players, a sports movement specialist, an educator & presenter. Shawn is also the author of the website entitled Football Beyond The Stats: Breaking Down On-Field Movement of the Game’s Best. In this episode, we discuss many of the foundational principles of skill acquisition and how these principles can impact coaches and evaluators of American football.
  • Part II – In the second part of our Skill Acquisition Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Rob Gray (@ShakeyWaits ). Rob is an Experimental Psychologist at Arizona State University, sports scientist, driving researcher, and training consultant. Rob is also the host of the Perception & Action Podcast.  In this episode, we discuss the meaning of functional movement and the importance of movement variability in the sport with many examples pertaining to American football.
  • Part III – In the third part of our Skill Acquisition Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Dr. Fergus Connollyy (@Fergus_Connolly). Connolly is a performance expert who has applied performance science with leading sports, military, and business teams. He has worked with professional teams in soccer (Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers), the NFL and college football (San Francisco 49s and University of Michigan) and rugby (Welsh national team). Dr. Connolly is the author of ‘Game Changer’ and you can find can find his work at In this episode, they discuss the principled nature of “the game” and how the methods and practices of movement science and skill acquisition are impacting coaching and evaluation.
  • Part IV – n the fourth part of our Skill Acquisition Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Michael Zweifel (@BBAPerformance). Michael Zweifel is a Sports Performance Coach. NCAA Record Holder. Former NFL. Wisconsinite. Michael is the Owner and Head of Sports Performance at Building Better Athletes (BBA).In this episode, we discuss how to apply the principles of skill acquisition in the coaching and evaluation of American football. Michael’s unique journey offers tremendous insights.
  • Part V – In the fifth part of our Skill Acquisition Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Scott Salwasser (@TTU_CoachSal ). Scott is the Director of Speed & Power Development at Texas Tech University. In this episode, we discuss the applications of the principles of skill acquisition in American Football. We examine a variety of topics including play speed and the role of a strength and conditioning coach.
  • Part VI – In the sixth part of our Skill Acquisition Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Andy Ryland (@USAFootballMT). Andy is the Sr. Manager of Football Development at USA Football and Skills Coach in Tackle Technique. Andy is also a former Penn State University Linebacker, Rugby All-American, USA Eagle and Bucknell OLB Coach. In this episode, we discuss the Vision-Decision-Action (VDA) Cycle and how this paradigm can help us better understand the behaviors of players on the field as coaches and evaluators.
  • Part VII – In the seventh part of our Skill Acquisition Seminar Series, Matt is joined by Rich Bartel (@CoachRichBartel). Rich is a nationally-known Quarterback trainer. Rich has played the quarterback position at the high school, collegiate, and NFL levels. In this episode, we discuss how the principles of skill acquisition have impacted the coaching and evaluation of the quarterback position.
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