Scott Bischoff Will Be Contributing at Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio


Scott Bischoff joins the staff of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio site.

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio delivers player evaluation through an NFL lens. Specifically, the site examines the physical, technical, strategic, and conceptual facets of football so you can see the links between successful NFL players and college prospects.

This has been a running theme of the RSP since the site’s inception. The aim is enhancing knowledge, cultivating passion, and questioning convention about football and the practice of talent evaluation.

It’s why I’m excited that Scott Bischoff (@Bischoff_Scott on Twitter) will be joining the site. Scott is a fellow staff writer at and contributor at LionsWire. He has extensive experience studying film for the likes of former NFL scout Russ Lande’s GM, Jr. publication as well as recent contributions to NDT Scouting.  He was also recently at The Athletic Detroit contributing tape analysis on the college and pro game.

Like Mark Schofield and David Igono, Scott is a great fit at the RSP because his work delivers a tactical understanding of football and an entertaining life perspective that communicates the complexities of the game without unnecessary barriers to entry. Scott’s primary focus at the RSP will be covering a lot of the positions Mark and I don’t:

  • Offensive line
  • Defensive line
  • Linebackers
  • Defensive Back

You’ll also see occasional pieces from Scott about offensive skill players and other topics that add to the ongoing football conversation at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. I encourage you to follow the RSP site and have the daily articles sent to your email. It’s free and you help us help you always stay current with our offerings.

Does this mean the RSP publication will have IDP prospects? 

No, but I like what you’re thinking, and I believe you’re gonna like what Scott brings to the site and it doesn’t mean what else we have up our sleeve will remain there…

If you enjoy Twitter, follow Scott (@Bischoff_Scott), David (@d1gono), and Mark (@MarkSchofield) there as well.

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