Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room No. 144 RB David Montgomery (Iowa State): Open-Field Decision-Making

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines NFL Draft prospect David Montgomery’s film and finds an open-field decision that, while rare for Montgomery, most NFL prospects at running back and receivers have to address.

After studying Montgomery perform against the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State offenses, I have a positive first impression of the Cyclones running back. His body type, style of play, and range of skills remind me of some excellent running backs, including Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice, and Doug Martin.

This Boiler Room episode focuses on a play of Montgomery’s that is not indicative of his overall play from my early studies of him: A pass reception in the open field where he makes an immature decision. I noted the play because it’s a tendency I often see with other backs and receivers who often possess an athletic advantage over their competition on Saturdays.

When they earn a shot to compete on Sundays, it’s one of the first things that coaches address. The message is usually, “When you get the ball, get downhill as fast as possible,” and often laced with an expletive or two depending on the situation where the player flashed this immaturity.

Because the gap in athletic prowess narrows significantly from Saturday to Sunday, ball carriers in the open field must learn that getting downhill and earning the first down takes precedence to the potential of breaking a big play. Next time you watch an exciting open-field runner, check to see if he has his priorities in order.

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