Matt Waldman’s RSP NFL Lens: WR Keelan Cole’s 2017 Season is Only the Beginning

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio NFL Lens examines second-year Jaguars receiver Keelan Cole. The former UDFA is only getting started. 

I didn’t know about Cole when I compiled the 2017 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. Watching him in 2017 was a pleasant surprise. Reviewing more of his tape this weekend was a revelation.

It makes complete sense why Cole has a great shot of remaining the slot receiver in Jacksonville in 2018. Regardless of the official designation, Cole will play multiple roles and likely lead Jacksonville in receiving this year.

His athletic ability, attention to detail in big moments, and versatility are prominent parts of his game:

  • Excellent reach for his size.
  • Fluid body control on high and low targets.
  • Awareness to shield opponents as he’s executing the catch.
  • Feel for open zones.
  • Rapport with Blake Bortles.
  • He’s a big-play slot option in an offense that complements his role well.

Although Donte Moncrief brings a physical element as a perimeter receiver, I think Cole is his equal in that arena and a superior all-around player in terms of upside to mine.

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