RSP Boiler Room No. 136 WR Stanley Morgan, Jr. (Nebraska): Good Technique Affords Second Chances

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines the technically-sound hands of NFL Draft prospect Stanley Morgan, Jr. and how it affords him second-chance opportunities on targets. 

A wide receiver’s fingertips are like 10 brake pads for a spinning ball. They can clamp down and the friction generated slows the ball’s movement. In contrast, a receiver’s palms are like the skin of a snare drum.  When striking that large and taut surface area, the ball rebounds like the head of a drumstick.

It’s why a fingertips-based catching technique is far better than a palms-based effort. One of Stanley Morgan, Jr.’s assets as a receiver is his technique. When he attacks the football, he’s using a sound technique.

It’s not always perfect, however, it’s good enough that even when he doesn’t immediately catch the ball, the extension of his arms and use of his fingertips creates easier second-chance opportunities than if he tried to meet the ball palms-first.

Although Morgan lines up as a split end, flanker, and slot receiver in Nebraska’s offense, he projects best as a flanker in the NFL because he lacks elite speed that’s desirable for split ends. Watch Morgan enough and you’ll see him beat cornerbacks one-on-one with double moves or catch them napping with slow reactions to his acceleration. He’s fast enough to earn separation 30-35 yards downfield but even when he catches the ball in stride with a lead of 3-4 steps, trailing defenders make up the ground and catch him quickly.

As a flanker, Morgan will run a lot of routes in the middle of the field and against coverage driving on him and the ball. His coordination, quickness out of breaks, and sound technique give him a good chance of earning a living at the position.

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