Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room: QB Will Grier (West Virginia): The High-End Accuracy of Throwing Receivers Open

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio examines how 2019 NFL Draft prospect Will Grier makes one of the most difficult throws in football: throwing receivers open. 

What does Will Grier have in common with Drew Brees? Both execute one of the most difficult throws a quarterback can make: “throwing a receiver open.”

When you see a quarterback make this play, it’s often a target between the hash marks. The NFL seeks quarterbacks who are comfortable and accurate with targeting receivers in the middle of the field because it’s often a telling indicator of the quarterback’s processing of the coverage, technical precision, aggressive mindset, and overall confidence.

Will Grier shows off these traits on this third-and-seven target to his receiver on a skinny post — a route that the NFL uses often 25-35 yards downfield.

Grier reads the coverage of two defenders and determines where the ball must go within three quick steps of his drop. This skill is rooted in knowledge and recognition of the potential defenses that he’ll face against this route, which means he has done his homework on the whiteboard.

The play is also an indication that Grier has worked with his receiver to anticipate this coverage and how to attack it with ball placement. This happens during meetings and practice.

In addition to their on-field recognition and technical precision, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning were special quarterbacks in the NFL because they were detailed and precise with their preparation before the game — and took it upon themselves to prepare their teammates in the same fashion. Throws like this skinny post indicate that Grier prepares himself and his teammates, which is a mark of a good leader.

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