RSP Twitter Moments: QB Justin Herbert, Oregon

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio examines 2019 NFL quarterback prospect Justin Herbert’s game with a four-video compilation on Twitter. 

Much like last year, I’ll be maintaining a running video analysis of prospects on Twitter for the 2018-19 season. After studying three of Herbert’s games, it’s clear that he has the physical talent of an NFL quarterback.

His greatest opportunity for development is footwork during transitions; processes where he’s working from one phase of his job to the next. Two notable transitions where his footwork must improve are the end of drops and maneuvering the pocket.

When his movements are explosive and precise and his transitions put him in position to deliver accurate targets with appropriate velocity. Herbert hasn’t honed his skills enough to execute this footwork consistently and he finishes his transitions in a stance that’s too wide for a good throw.

With work on fundamentals of drops, shuffle-steps, and hitches, Herbert should improve. However, it will take consistent attention long-term, and there are enough plays in Herbert’s portfolio that suggests he rushes his process unnecessarily due to pressure, which attention to technique alone will not fix.

A rising junior, Herbert can still mature technically and emotionally as a pocket passer. Watch these four videos and you’ll see where he is and where his game still has to go.

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