Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.5: Old Man Game

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast Ep.5: Old Man Game

Matt Waldman’s RSP Cast discusses “Old Man Game.” What is it? Who has it? And why is it an important consideration in football analysis? 

In the age of fantasy football, sports betting, and sports data that encourages the masses to play the percentages, fans are encouraged to tread far from aging players. Learning how to spot and avoid egregious mistakes helps fans become smarter and fantasy owners and sports betters make safer decisions that lead to a satisfactory conclusion.

This echoes a lot of corporate thinking: Identify the easy errors—the low-hanging fruit and fix them so the worker, team, and organization develop greater efficiency, perform to a higher standard of quality, and it will increase productivity. However, it’s important for organizations to identify paths that defy convention and offer a path towards wild success, and it means taking a second look at paths convention has written off prematurely or without nuanced analysis.

This week, I discuss players who have Old Man Game and the skills behind the label.

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