Matt Waldman’s RSP On The Rockpile Report

The RSP’s Matt Waldman joined the duo of Drew Gier and Chris Krueger to talk blocking schemes and potential rookie running back fits for Buffalo. 

I get Bills fans. The relative proximity to Cleveland and Pittsburgh breeds similarities I’m accustomed. They remind me of the guys I spent half of my childhood around.

It’s why I had a good time discussing 2018 running back class with the knowledgeable hosts of the Rockpile Report:

  • The differences between zone and gap schemes for running backs.
  • Why LeSean McCoy was adept at both.
  • The depth of the 2018 RB class.
  • Would I draft Saquon Barkley with the Browns’ first pick?
  • Sleepers.
  • My favorite beer.
  • Which back in this class reminds Chris of Fred Jackson

Grab your favorite Friday beverage — or imagine doing so if you can’t at this moment — and join us for some draft talk.

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