Matt Waldman’s RSP Joins The Open Bar Fantasy Podcast

Matt Waldman’s RSP sidled up to the Open Bar Fantasy Podcast and had a few rounds with the fellas. Laughter and 2018 NFL Draft conversation flowed. Tune in.  

I’m fortunate to be a guest on a lot of quality podcasts at this time of year but the Open Bar Pod was one of my favorite hangs of the year. If you like your draft info interspersed with bar talk, this is the show for you:

  • My sandwich of choice.
  • A game of Dynasty Senior Superlatives:
    • Rookies that we’re most likely to draft in every dynasty league.
    • Rookies most likely to save Hue Jackson’s job in Cleveland.
    • Rookies in need of a great fit to thrive.
    • Rookies who confuse us the most.
  • Cornrows and Pete Maravich.
  • How Mrs. RSP back in 1987 could have beaten WR James Washington in the 100m in high school.
  • Courtland Sutton’s hands.
  • Nick Chubb’s injury and freakish athletic ability.

Tune in!


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