Matt Waldman’s RSP Appearance On Locked On Browns Podcast With Jeff Lloyd

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio’s Matt Waldman joined Locked On Browns Podcast host Jeff Lloyd for a wide-ranging discussion about the Browns and the 2018 NFL Draft. 

It’s been awhile since Jeff and I sit down to talk about football and the podcast felt like we were hanging out at a local diner and Browns football was the daily special:

  • Thoughts on the front office changes in Cleveland.
  • Why I am more concerned about the communication and alignment between the owner and the operations staff than I am about the Sashi Brown – Dorsey debate.
  • The things I’d like to restructure with the Cleveland organization in the zillion-to-one chance I owned the Browns.
  • Why I think Todd Haley’s arrival will make the Browns offense more flexible with its talent.
  • Why Josh Rosen and Todd Haley might work well together.
  • Baker Mayfield’s potential in Cleveland.
  • My thoughts on Nick Chubb and Sony Michel in Cleveland.
  • Rookie receivers who could contribute a little early and a lot later for the Browns.

Give it a listen! And follow Jeff Lloyd on Twitter (@Jeff_LJ_Loyd)

More more podcasts with Matt Waldman, check out the RSP’s 2018 NFL Draft page.


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