Matt Waldman’s RSP On The Rotoworld Podcast With Josh Norris

Matt Waldman joins Josh Norris for an in-depth conversation about the top of this quarterback class. 

If a scout thinks Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson is a wide receiver, I think that scout should be moved to the organization’s janitorial staff. Even if Jackson never becomes a productive NFL starting quarterback, the idea that he’d make a better wide receiver without giving Jackson a true shot to develop as a pro passer is a reason to move that evaluator to a new role of emptying trash, mopping floors, and changing light bulbs.

I’d only be concerned if that scout isn’t qualified for that new role. I just figured if he’s going to make a mess of is organization spouting that kind of trash, he might as well clean it up.

Jackson, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Jameis Winston, Tom Brady, boxing, completion percentage, throwing mechanics,`80s hair metal, and trains all earn fair play in this in-depth conversation about the marquee names of this quarterback class.

Give it a listen.

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