RSP Boiler Room No. 127: QB Luke Falk’s (Washington St) Trio Of Compelling Traits

Matt Waldman’s RSP examines three compelling traits of QB Luke Falk, a 2018 NFL Draft prospect whose potential outpaces his draft stock.

Luke Falk is a tough and resourceful quarterback. I want tough and resourceful players — especially quarterbacks who won’t be considered franchise picks in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Fans are preoccupied with rookies who will start next fall but despite the constant narrative that players don’t change and development time is nonexistent, the NFL is filled with development stories — including Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner, Kirk Cousins, Drew Brees Jared Goff, and dozens of other quarterbacks who either didn’t start a full season as rookies or struggled early on. When it comes to their development, all six passers mentioned above have demonstrated toughness and resourcefulness on and off the field.

Falk’s feel for the pocket, anticipation as a passer, and awareness of his limitations are a trio of compelling traits that make him a quarterback I’d feel comfortable taking as a developmental player whose potential outpaces his draft stock. Falk may never become an NFL starter but based on what I’ve seen, I won’t rule it out.

Even if you don’t have a huge interest in Falk, the skills highlighted here are traits you should value from the passers you are watching with interest.


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