RSP Boiler Room No. 122: WR Marcell Atemen’s Route Running And Attack

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio channel examines 2018 NFL Draft prospect Marcell Ateman’s route running and attack of targets.

Size sells. Marcell Ateman’s size is one of his most compelling assets to football fans. There are a lot of big receivers trying to earn a career in the NFL. Notice I didn’t say they were having successful pro careers.

Physical traits are raw materials. There are a lot of receivers with NFL-caliber raw materials. Good evaluation practices seek potential for refined work. Ateman has technical details of his game that make him a notable prospect this year:

  • Skill to sell the vertical during his stem.
  • Variation of pace in the stem to set up a defender before the break.
  • Flexibility and footwork to execute hard breaks.
  • Understanding the importance of attacking the football on timing routes.
  • Shaping the attack of a target based on the coverage of a defender.

This week’s Boiler Room analyzes these skills as well as some details with route running and pass catching where Ateman can improve.

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