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The pre-order Matt Waldman’s 2018 Rookie Scouting Portfolio — available for download April 1.

For those of you who are ready to pre-order your 2018 RSP, click this link and it will take you to the sales page where you can buy your login and password for the April 1 and May downloads of the 2018 RSP Draft Package. For additional details about what’s new, read below.

First, what football writers and coaches have to say about the Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio:

“Couldn’t offer this piece of work a higher endorsement. One of my favorite parts of the offseason.” 

-Matt Harmon,

“@MattWaldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio is unique and important. A must-read every year.”

– Doug Farrar, Bleacher Report


“I buy it. I read it. I use it and reference it in my own work. I trust Matt and his work and you should, too.” 

-Mark Schofield, Inside the Pylon


@MattWaldman love your breakdowns. Super great info and intelligent explanation of the evaluation process.”

Will Hewlett, lead coach at the Range 

(One of the premiere quarterback training programs in the nation)


“If you love the NFL Draft and fantasy football, this is a must-have. I still look at the 2016 version.”

– Charles McDonald, Football Outsiders


“This isn’t something you want, this is something you need. Matt does incredible work.”

– Jeff LJ Loyd, Locked on Browns Podcast

Just like last year, the Rookie Scouting Portfolio (RSP) publication will include updated rankings of players from draft classes two years prior. It means what you think it does: You’ll not only read about the incoming prospects for 2018 at the QB, RB, WR, and TE positions, but you’ll also see my updated rankings on the 2016 and 2017 classes.

New to 2018: Subscribers will receive a monthly newsletter between June and December filled with analysis of camp news, preseason action, updated thoughts on short-term and long-term values, and exclusive insights on future prospects. 

The newsletter is a welcomed addition to the new features added to last year’s RSP package:

  • Combined 2016-2018 rankings for an added context of the current rookie class, including my original pre-draft view of each player.
  • Trade value analysis for existing players and rookie draft picks (Post-Draft).
  • Updated combined rankings of the 2016-2017 class with commentary on each (Post-Draft).

Released every year on April 1 since 2006, I’m not kidding about the quality and value of the pre-draft publication.

When you pre-order now through January 8, you will receive the 2018 RSP Draft Package for $19.95. [THE DISCOUNT PERIOD HAS ENDED]

If you wish to pre-order after the early-bird discount period or when the pre-draft publication drops on April 1, you’ll receive the package at the normal price of $21.95. Past publications remain $9.95 each.

“Buy this while it’s still criminally underpriced y’all. Worth at least $50.00”

-Ken Romero

Readers tell me annually that I should charge more. When is the last time you’ve purchased something where customers are giving the manufacturer this kind of feedback?

While I love knowing that the RSP has generated such value that its readers would be willing to pay at least double the price, I always like to deliver more bang for the buck. The subscriber newsletter and multi-year rankings in the post-draft publication make the RSP a no-brainer.

Click this link to pre-order the 2018 RSP now. You’ll be taken to the sales page to buy your login/password for the 2018 publication.

For those of you new to the RSP, here’s what you’ll find included in the two-publication draft package:

Pre-Draft (Available for download April 1):

  • Detailed player summaries of at least 150 skill position prospects for this class.
  • Position-specific rankings and cheat sheets.
  • Overrated, Underrated, and Projects
  • Position-specific skills analysis with all players grouped into tiers.
  • Position-specific chapters analyzing recent draft history.
  • Position-specific grading checklists.
  • Play-by-play analysis.
  • Glossary of defined criteria used to grade the players.

Post-Draft (Available for download with the same login you used for the Pre-Draft one week after the NFL Draft):

  • Analysis and commentary on depth charts, team fit, and each player’s long-term outlook.
  • Rankings overall, by position, and tiered for fantasy drafts.
  • Draft selection data for dynasty leagues, including ADP and my own value scores to help you use my rankings to maximize your draft value.
  • Overrated/Underrated players.
  • New: Updated combined Post-Draft Rankings of 2015-2017 classes.

Subscriber Newsletter (Available monthly between June and December:

  • Analysis of camp news involving rookies and emerging options.
  • Analysis of preseason action.
  • Exclusive insights on future rookie prospects.
  • Updated thoughts on player values short-term and long-term.

Fantasy owners love the Post-Draft edition and I’m told every year that it’s worth the cost of what you pay for the entire RSP Draft Package.

But it’s the Pre-Draft publication that dynasty owners find useful for years. It’s not just about identifying the Odell Beckhams, LeVeon Bells, Russell Wilsons, Jared Goffs, and Matt Fortes of the NFL. Ask those who have benefited from a reference guide with a shelf-life of 3-5 years that gave them a leg up on the potential values of the Stefon Diggs, Spencer Wares, David Johnsons and Bilal Powells of the league.

New to the RSP?

Remember, pre-pay today through January 8 and the 2018 RSP Draft Package is $19.95. From January 9 through March 31,  you can still reserve your login and get one of the most comprehensive analyses of skill position players available for $21.95.

Even at $21.95, it’s like the Seahawks picking Russell Wilson in the third round – a steal.

Click this link to pre-order the 2018 RSP now.

Simple? Hopefully. If you need help, contact me at I can typically respond within 24 hours of your email.

Here are more members of the draftnik community is saying about the RSP…

“Easily the biggest yearly no-brainer purchase in fantasy sports.”

-Joe Holka, Fantasy Labs and 4for4 Football and creator of Rushing Expectation


“It’s that time of year. Worth every penny.”

– John Owning, NFL Content Manager of Fan Rag Sports


“@Matt Waldman is one of my favorite draft analysts. You can, and should get his skill player draft guide . . .”

                 -Matt Miller, Bleacher Report.


“You should also know, that in fifteen years of playing fantasy football (I started in 1999 – Senior year of high school), I have never paid for fantasy football information. Not magazines. Not websites. Nothing. I read/listen to everything possible as I digest information and draw my own conclusions. I was apprehensive about ‘wasting’ twenty dollars. Thank you for the hours spent doing something you love. I appreciate it. Again, quality in-depth work. I would pay double the price. Easily. Get some sleep.” – Josh Corbett

4 responses to “Pre-Order The 2018 RSP Now!”

  1. Matt, love your work and am buying the 2018 RSP.
    Can you rec a similar source of analysis for IDP?
    I would love to have a source from which I could combine RSP and IDP in order to configure my IDP Dyno rankings.

    • Thanks for the note. I wish I could tell you a source that does IDP analysis on this kind of level. The more draft-centric work of NDT scouting or Dane Brugler might be helpful, but you’re not going to get fantasy angle. Footballguys has some IDP guys who will deliver rankings and analysis but you’ll likely get more of a fantasy angle and not a deep dive of skills and projected growth. I think a combination of the these sources can be helpful, though.

    • Hi Vince,

      Unfortunately, no. The process of making that method of payment available would be far too time-consuming and less secure and reliable for a variety of reasons. Thanks for inquiring.

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