RSP Boiler Room No. 112: QB J.T. Barrett (Ohio State)

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room examines a play of J.T. Barrett’s that’s a good college pass but not to NFL standards.

Studying the NFL game and using it as a template for evaluating college players is a vital part of prospect evaluation. Otherwise, there’s a great danger that the analysis will be no different than that of the average fan.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett delivered a 300-yard, multiple-touchdown performance in the August opener at Indiana this year. It was an excellent college performance.

But like most, if not all, quarterback play on Saturdays, it wouldn’t directly translate to the NFL. It’s simply that much harder to play the position in the NFL—even when rookies have performances for weeks at a time that often make it seem easier than I’m saying.

A glaring example of the difference between college and NFL play is this Barrett completion of a wheel route. The video below explains two things that Barrett doesn’t do that he would not get away with most of the time on Sundays.

While the video is critical of one play from Barrett, the overall point of this Boiler Room is to highlight a notable difference between the two leagues. Barrett has to refine his play, but it’s not a definitive look at the Buckeyes quarterback.


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