Locked On Eagles Pod: Matt Waldman on Wentz, Agholor, Pumphrey

Matt Waldman’s RSP drops by the Locked On Eagles Pod for a discussion on a trio of Eagles and broader thoughts on scouting.

Ever wonder why the range of running back height/weights spans the range of four defensive positions, but those four positions have different benchmarks for combine data? What about the fact that quarterback prospects are measured for their athletic ability, position technique, and retention of football information, but there seems to be a gap with measuring what ties all of these things together for a top NFL passer? And why do we think men in their early 20s consistently have enough emotional maturity to handle a huge and immediate transition to a celebrity existence in a performance medium?

Matt Waldman discusses these points while sharing his thoughts on Carson Wentz, Darren Sproles, Donnel Pumphrey, and Nelson Agholor in this week’s Locked On Eagles Podcast with Ben Solak and Michael Kist.


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