The Justin Jackson (RB Northwestern) Boiler Room Festival

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio has a Boiler Room love affair with Justin Jackson’s agility, balance, leverage, and stiff-arm. Forget the popcorn, get the licorice because you may need to tie together a rope of candy to pull yourself out of this running back love-fest.

Justin Jackson is a bad-ass (shut yo mouth) college running back who I think as a better chance to become a bad-ass (shut yo mouth) NFL running back despite a 190-ish-pound frame that indicates otherwise.  The reasons are skills and traits that compensate for a simple lack of size.

Jackson is far from Donnel Pumphrey-small. He’s more like Clinton Portis’ years as the Miami Hurricane’s 185-190-pound super back, Jack is a thin dude with the frame to add just enough weight while maintaining his quicks. Or, dare I say, Jamaal Charles’ tenure in Texas. I’m not ready to declare him on these backs’ level of talent, but he’s tremendous for his size at using contact to his advantage. He knows how to prepare for it, deliver it as the aggressor, and work off it to earn positive yards.

I didn’t expect to create four RSP Boiler Rooms from a single game, but as his performance against Pittsburgh in the 2016 Pinstripe Bowl unfolded, I spotted multiple compelling examples of skills that are valuable for running back play. If Jackson either displays Charles’ speed and quickness or develops 10-15 pounds of muscle while maintaining the athletic prowess he’s shown at Northwestern, he’s a back that you must have on your draft radar.

Watch one at a time at your leisure or get some candy and watch all four. He’s worth the price of admission.

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