RSP Film Room No. 117: RB Nick Chubb’s 2016 Injury Return vs. North Carolina

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio examines Nick Chubb’s 32-carry, 222-yard, 2-TD return from injury in this RSP Film Room.

Georgia running back Nick Chubb had a better freshman year than Leonard Fournette. If you don’t believe me, ask Fournette (he said it). On the first play of Chubb’s sophomore effort against Tennessee, Chubb tore his MCL, PCL, and LCL ligaments in his knee and missed the year. After surgery and extensive rehab, Chubb was back last summer squatting 585 pounds (for frame of reference, Derrick Henry is on YouTube lifting 500) and ready for the opener against North Carolina.

I decided to review Chubb’s return in a solo film room effort because I’m still seeing questions about his health despite watching this 32-carry, 222-yard, 2-TD effort in September and knowing that any concerns about the injury rehab should be erased. They weren’t, but that’s because Chubb suffered some typical compensatory injuries and conflated it with the health of his knee. It also appears they were also conflating it with the performance of the Bulldog’s line (which had its share of struggles).

This week’s film room highlights Chubb’s ability to bend, cut, burst, and maintain his speed over long distances. It also demonstrates Chubb’s stamina, skill to press and cut, and his conceptual maturity as a running back. Some of the work may be too subtle for highlight junkies, but I still think Chubb is one of the best college backs I’ve seen during the last four years. If he stays healthy in 2017, an NFL team will be fortunate to land him.

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