RSP Boiler Room No. 99: WR Anthony Miller (Memphis) And Boundary Technique

Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio examines NFL-approved boundary technique from wide receiver prospect Anthony Miller of Memphis.

The most memorable insights I get from attending practices often go well beyond the players in attendance. Before the big networks made a deal with the Senior Bowl to stake its claim to the stretch of land along the fencelines of the practice field, I use to make like these network camera cranes and follow specific position groups up and down the fenceline. Doing this wasn’t about getting a close up as much as it was about listening to the coaches.

Doing this wasn’t about getting a close up as much as it was about listening to the coaches. Last January, I was able to squeeze into a small patch of land not claimed by ESPN and NFL Network’s re-enactment of Manifest Destiny so I could hear Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Coach Al Saunders conduct drills. His interaction with Grambling State’s (now Arizona Cardinal rookie) Chad Williams was an excellent lesson footwork at the boundary.

Williams caught an out route near the boundary, tapping both feet inbounds before exiting the field. Saunders praised Williams for the effort and then called the entire receiving corps to the sideline. For the next few minutes, Saunders demonstrated the desired technique for catching passes at the boundary and explained why.

This boiler room episode featuring Memphis wide receiver Anthony Miller illustrates this technique in action while I relay Saunders’ insights. I first notice Miller while studying Paxton Lynch two years ago. It was difficult not to notice Miller’s quickness, physicality, and on-field intelligence and I couldn’t wait to see more.

This year, I’ll have that opportunity to study him in detail and so far, he’s one of the most enjoyable receivers of my 2018 draft class sessions.

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