RSP Boiler Room No. 96 WR Michael Gallup (CSU): Reading Zone

Matt Waldman’s RSP Film Room examines part of the process that NFL Draft prospect wide receiver Michael Gallup (Colorado State) takes when addressing a zone. 

When fans and media discuss the demands that a young NFL wide receiver must face when transitioning from the college game, the focus is on the ones with the greatest physical components, including enhancements to technique, athletic ability, and preparation for the rigors of the work. What’s less discussed are the conceptual demands of the position.

Zone coverage may not require the physical demands of man coverage, but a wide receiver must process a lot of the same information as a quarterback on a successful pass play.  This touchdown reception by Colorado State’s Michael Gallup is not a physically demanding route, but there’s a lot happening below the surface that requires Gallup and his quarterback to read the same things about the defense and process that information in conjunction with what their teammates’ assignments to create a big-play solution within the span of seconds pre- and post-snap.


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