RSP Boiler Room No. 93: RB Akrum Wadley (Iowa)


Wadley, an elusive 2018 NFL Draft running back prospect, also has functional power due to his pad level. Matt Waldman provides several examples in this RSP Boiler Room episode.

When you learn about Akrum Wadley (his first name is pronounced ACK-rum), you’ll hear about the tight spin moves in the hole that leave defenders grasping at air,  the jump cuts to the back door of the formation that makes the front side pursuit look like stuntmen in a slapstick chase scene, and head fakes that turn middle linebackers’ legs into Jello. Quickness, agility, and elusiveness will get the attention of the NFL. One of the things that any light, quick runner must show to hold that attention is functional power and leverage.

This RSP Boiler Room examines Wadley’s pad level, leverage, and aggression against defenders between the tackles and in the open field. The episode reveals the key points Wadley fans must monitor about Wadley’s development this year that will determine how the NFL will view his role on Sundays.

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