RSP Film Room No. 88: QB Luke Falk, Eye Discipline and Manipulation

Matt Waldman’s RSP Boiler Room reveals how Falk, a prominent QB prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft, uses his eyes to create openings in zone coverage. 

Whether it’s your grandmother, uncle, husband, or wife, I want you to imagine the favorite dish that one of them makes. It’s likely that you tried making it yourself and, if you’re not like my wife Alicia who could burn a house down boiling water (at least she has the skills to rebuild it), you probably make a pretty good version of that favorite recipe. However, it’s probably not quite right. Something is missing.

What’s missing is craft.

Like cooking, quarterbacking is physical, intellectual, intuitive, and the bow that ties it all together is craft. A quarterback may recognize the defense, commit the plays to memory, and have the motor memory of proper technique to execute the plan but if he lacks the craft to tie it all together, something will be missing.

Part of that craft for a quarterback is using the eyes to create openings in the coverage. Washington State QB Luke Falk displays this skill often. Here’s an example.

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