RSP Film Room No. 111: DE/OLB Derek Rivers (Youngstown St.)

Rivers, a 2017 NFL Draft defensive prospect that “Force Players” author Justis Mosqueda views as a first-round talent, is the subject of this RSP Film Room episode with Matt Waldman.

There’s a great resource of humor that comes from cultivating self-awareness. When I’m doing a podcast or radio show, I’m aware that there’s often a great deal of information I want to impart in a short span of time. I’ve spent 2-8 hours studying several games for each of the 158 players I’ve featured in the 2017 Rookie Scouting Portfolio and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to cultivate that balance of content density and brevity in these formats. Although I’d like to say that it’s my preparation for the RSP that influences the way I present information, I know that’s a small part of it. I value depth and detail of information.  It’s why I’m grateful that most of the shows where I appear expect to wind me up and let me go.

Whenever I have Justis Mosqueda on my show, I see the same thing going on with him. He’s a fire hose of information and I appreciate that greatly. We cover a lot of ground on Derek Rivers in less than 40 minutes and when you hear Mosqueda deliver his views, you may feel like he uploaded his presentation into your brain. I love it. I think you will, too.

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