RSP Film Room No.106: WR Curtis Samuel (Ohio State)

Ohio State Wide Receiver Curtis Samuel's game tape analysis offers insights into his 2017 NFL Draft Stock

Samuel, a top skill position prospect for the NFL Draft, earns a closer look as a receiver from Matt Waldman and Kyle Posey in this RSP Film Room special. 

Is he a receiver, a running back, or a gadget player without a home? Analysts are all over the place on Curtis Samuel. I think his skills put him on the development track of Randall Cobb. I’m not as high on Samuel as I was Cobb (my No.3 receiver in the 2011 NFL Draft and you can also see an RSP sample report here), but I think he can develop into a player who will do many of the things Cobb does for Green Bay.

Kyle Posey also likes Samuel’s game as a receiver. The guest contributor at the RSP blog and staff writer at Bleacher Report, Fan Rag, and Bolts From The Blue appreciates the subtleties of Samuel’s game that can be easy to miss. We spend an hour examining 18 plays we brought to the film room for discussion.

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