RSP Film Room No.105: RB Christian McCaffrey (Stanford) w/Scott Bischoff

Running Back Christian McCaffrey's game tape from Stanford is examined to determine his 2017 NFL Draft Stock

NDT Scouting contributor, Footballguy, and Lions Wire contributor Scott Bischoff joins Matt Waldman in the RSP Film Room for a look at Christian McCaffrey’s skill as a between-the-tackles runner. 

Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey could be a Top-10 pick in the NFL Draft and Scott Bischoff and I agree that he’s worth it. McCaffrey is an every-down back. His tape against USC is one of several games where he displays the skills that matter most for an interior runner.

The ones that Bischoff and I emphasize in this film room episode include variation of stride, dropping of weight to change direction, pad level, and balance and stance and footing to keep his feet clean in traffic.

While every back must possesses a baseline of physical skills to withstand the rigors of the NFL game, McCaffrey illustrates why craft matters more between the tackles than size and strength.

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