RSP Film Room No.104: QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson) w/Mark Schofield

RSP Film Room No.104: QB Deshaun Watson (Clemson) w/Mark Schofield

Clemson Quarterback Deshaun Watson's game tape analysis offers insights into his 2017 NFL Draft Stock

Inside the Pylon’s Mark Schofield joins the program for an in-depth look at top NFL Draft prospect Deshaun Watson.

The nitpicking of Deshaun Watson is in full swing. He only makes predetermined reads. He’s always looking for the back door when pressure arrives. He doesn’t throw the ball with enough velocity.

Some of these points have a grain of truth but not enough to use them as definitive statements about Watson’s game.

Inside The Pylon’s Mark Schofield rejoins the program for a look at his favorite quarterback prospect, and we examine both the good and bad of Watson’s with selected plays from contests against Florida State, Alabama, Ohio State, North Carolina State, Pittsubrgh, Troy, and South Carolina.

Schofield illustrates Watson’s skill to make multiple reads, hit tight-window throws with good velocity on routes that are common anchor points for a pro offense, and deliver against pressure in difficult situations. However, this isn’t a fan-boy show. Schofield also reveals specific pre- and post-snap wrinkles common to the NFL that trip up Watson.

As always when Schofield joins the program, it’s an excellent examination of top college quarterback prospect.

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