Matt Waldman on 2017 NFL QB Prospects: The Rotoworld Podcast by Josh Norris

Matt Waldman on 2017 NFL QB Prospects: The Rotoworld Podcast by Josh Norris

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Analyzing 2017 NFL QB Prospects:  Josh Norris playing the GM and Matt Waldman playing the scout. 

It’s always a pleasure to sit down with Rotoworld’s Josh Norris and talk shop. This podcast segment is a 45-minute episode devoted to quarterbacks.


  • Why is Patrick Mahomes worth the risk?
  • The player both Josh and I discover we stylistically (not talent) compare to Andrew Luck?
  • Should slower development timetables in the NFL be a thing?
  • Deshaun Watson’s pocket presence.
  • Why I agree with Bill Polian about Chad Kelly’s talent.

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5 responses to “Matt Waldman on 2017 NFL QB Prospects: The Rotoworld Podcast by Josh Norris”

  1. I’m coming to really love your thoughtful and intelligent analysis of QB play. In the Roto World podcast, you talked briefly about the importance of a fit for a QB to the temperament and approach a team has. Would you please devote some time to explaining how the head coach and or OC philosophy on offense matches the top 4 QB prospect?. For instance, it seems to me that Hue Jackson has definitely borrowed many RPO concepts into his offense but how much ‘Air Raid’ do you see in his approach? If this is something that you sell in your guide, let me know because I’m in.

  2. I’m completely with you on Chad Kelly. His play both pops off the screen and clearly translates to the next level. I’m not sure what to do with that information, as his downsides are well-documented and more likely to submarine his career than not. But I would absolutely target him anytime from the fourth round on.

  3. I’m write a fair amount about him in the RSP publication ( that will be out April 1, including fantasy draft advice. Rare intuitive player for his age.

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