RSP Boiler Room No.84: WR Corey Davis (Western Michigan)

Matt Waldman of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio examines Corey Davis's Big play ability for the 2017 NFL Draft

Watch an Odell Beckham-like catch from a prospect whose game has a close resemblance to a combination of three players that include a former Giants star. 

Watch Corey Davis reach skyward with his right arm stretched to its limits, arch his body into a “C”, and palm the point of the football, and Odell Beckham, Jr. comes to mind. But Davis lacks the speed and quickness of Beckham.

Davis’ game is more reminiscent of Hakeem Nicks at the former Giants’ peak—a physical player who wins the ball in the red zone and uses his size to win in the vertical game. Davis also possesses some of Anquan Boldin’s physicality with the ball in the air and as a runner.

The player he reminds me of the most is a bigger Antonio Bryant. Davis is a smooth route runner with enough speed and guile to beat faster defenders with his superior craft.

While you admire the Beckham-like catch, pay special attention to Davis’ stem and chop that set up the off-coverage defender.

Smooth. Physical. Crafty. Sounds like an NFL receiver with a long career ahead of him.

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