A Thought About 2017 NFL Draft Prospect – RB Jamaal Williams (BYU)

A Thought About 2017 NFL Draft Prospect – RB Jamaal Williams (BYU)

Matt Walsman's RSP Film Room Examines tape to find the qualities which make RB Jamaal Williams a strong 2017 NFL Draft Prospect

Two players 30 years apart share a common build, athletic profile, and style.

At leastthat’s how it appears to me. Jamaal Williams is about 6’2″, 210 pounds. So is the guy in the second video.

This isn’t meant to be any deep-level analysis. Sometimes, it’s fun to share a thought that comes to mind after hours studying film.

Whether you have 30 minutes or 5, take a look at each video for a bit. Look at the way they move and take on defenders. Note their athletic ability. Consider they are almost the same size (I’ve spoken with Williams’ trainer, he played at 210 this year—not the inflated 220 on the BYU program)

And then…

Do you see it?

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4 responses to “A Thought About 2017 NFL Draft Prospect – RB Jamaal Williams (BYU)”

  1. You’re the one doing this for a living, but I definitely see some very similar qualities in both. There is a start-stop or even herky-jerky approach to their upper body, with stutters and shoulder shakes presented to defenders, while their actual running style and acceleration to full speed seems pretty smooth. It looks like they bend runs moving forward more often they they present sharp or jump cuts. I don’t see overwhelming speed, but solid vision and knowledge of pursuit angles leave them eating up a lot of ground before the defense catches up.

  2. What i initially saw when watching Williams film was the upright running style…strikingly similar to Allens with that horse neck jerk when changing gears.

    I found their hip movement strikingly similar also and how they turned their torso when starting to move laterally. i don’t remember Allen’s speed but he does look like he has a higher gear than Williams.

    Best note though: I’d watched Williams film 1st without knowing who your comparison was and there was one clip of him on the goal line where there was a wall of linemen and Williams got super low and found the only bare spot in the end zone between linemen’s legs and said to myself that was Allenesque…to me that was one of Allen’s best qualities especially in the later part of his career, finding the 25″ soft spots at the goal line, he was so slinky.

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