RSP Boiler Room No.80: WR Isaiah Ford (Virginia Tech)

The Rookie Scouting Report Boiler Room uses game tape to determine WR Isaiah Ford's Skills & NFL Draft Stock

The smallest details are the difference between an NFL prospect and an NFL starter. One play from Ford’s portfolio reveals where these details are currently present and absent. 

I have a feeling that Isaiah Ford will be a confounding player at the beginning of his career. A speedy, athletic option with skill to rebound the ball, Ford flashes details that could make him an incredible route runner. But he has work to do at the line of scrimmage so he can separate from press corners—his performance against Pitt offers ample evidence.

For an athlete like Ford—who appears to have succeeded at Virginia Tech on the merits of great athletic ability, strong hand-eye coordination, and some amount of work—he’ll have to prove that he can work like a pro on the smallest details.

If he does, he could elevate his game to Pro-Bowl-caliber play. That’s how much talent he flashes, but it’s unknown whether he’ll work like a  Pro-Bowl player.

This week’s film room examines a fantastic double move that didn’t end as well as it began.

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